Carly Cooke

for County Commissioner

"I am stepping up to serve, primarily because of my passion for public education, to work for equal access to quality health care services and to achieve a local economy where anyone working 40 hours a week can support their family." - Carly Cooke, Candidate for Guilford County Commissioner, District 5


North Carolina has a constitutional responsibility to provide quality public education to all children in our state. As Guilford County citizens, we have an even more specific responsibility to the children in our community. Guilford County School’s budget has been underfunded for many years and we, as a community, are paying the price. As a mom of two young children, both GCS students, I have spent countless hours inside the classroom and our schools. I see teachers reaching into their own pockets to pay for supplies for their classroom, rushing afterschool to their second job to make ends meet and putting in extra hours to make sure students achieve their goals – on top of their already demanding requirements. Educators are doing such important work and it is clear that they are not being supported as they should be.


I will prioritize investment in Guilford County Schools. I support a bond referendum to provide necessary funds to bring all GCS facilities up to the high standard our children deserve. Investing in public education is not only important because our children deserve access to a 21st century education in safe classrooms, but also because a thriving public school system is a foundational building block for a healthy economy, the future of our community and the quality of life for Guilford County citizens.

Economic Development

Everyone has a right to live a safe, dignified and meaningful life. The role of our government is to ensure all of our citizens, regardless of race, religion or sex are afforded the necessary tools to sustain. We have to make it a priority to attract and retain jobs in Guilford County that pay a livable wage and help support a strong local economy. Anyone working 40 hours should be able to support their family.


As a small business owner in Guilford County, I know firsthand how to put both business and education first in our community. The two are deeply intertwined. I believe that lack of funding for our schools has specific implications to the real estate market, economic development and retention, and future workforce development in our community. Strengthening the collaboration between our schools and businesses is key.

Equal Access to Essential Healthcare Services

Every Guilford County citizen deserves equal access to health care – including behavioral health and addiction prevention. Our community is suffering, and we have to start including behavioral health, substance abuse treatment, prevention programs and comprehensive infant and children’s health services in the conversation surrounding healthcare coverage. Providing equal access to essential healthcare services is not only the right thing to do, but the economically smart thing to do.

Mailing Address: PO Box 10453, Greensboro, NC 27404


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