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Carly Cooke

County Commissioner

Email Update from Carly - 5/25/23 What's in the *proposed* budget?

Full of Gratitude and Excited to Do the Work

I’m incredibly honored that the voters of District 5 chose me to represent them on the Board of Commissioners!  I’m very proud of the campaign we ran - we worked incredibly hard and focused on reaching voters to talk about the issues that matter.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to every volunteer, supporter, and friend who stood at the polls, made phone calls, wrote post cards, made a contribution, sent text messages, delivered signs, sent encouraging notes and messages, helped me keep track of my kids, brought us dinner, and so much more.  You made ALL the difference! THANK YOU!!


I’m humbled by the responsibility ahead, committed to serving earnestly, and excited to get to work!


Most of all, I’m hopeful for Guilford County!


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